Hiden trick how to hide whatsapp status

Whatsapp has a variety of features. Starting from the ability to make video calls, group chats, and even send long videos can also be done in this application. More than that, on Whatsapp we can also update status, like a social media, like Facebook for example. 
 But, have you ever thought about hiding your updated status so that it is not seen by certain people? 
 For example from friends, parents, or maybe a boyfriend? It seems that there are many WhatsApp users who think about this. Whether it's for privacy reasons, protecting other people's feelings, and other reasons. Well, this is what I want to discuss this time, namely how to hide 

Whatsapp status from other people. Personally, I just thought of this way, because it was inspired by Facebook's privacy, which I happen to often set up. Sometimes, I post a lot on Facebook, but don't want certain people to see it. 

Fortunately, Facebook does provide such an option, like this for example: FB post So, then what about WhatsApp? Since WhatsApp and Facebook are in the same shade, could there be a feature like this too?

How to Hide WA Status Info from Others
As one of the largest chat applications in the world with billions of users, of course Whatsapp also has privacy settings.

Because as I mentioned earlier, for some people this privacy feature will be very meaningful.

You can use this setting to hide the status that you create from certain people.

Well, for those of you who are curious how to do it, let's just discuss the steps in detail:

1. Please open your WA application first. Make sure Whatsapp is in the most updated version (so that there are no significant differences in steps later).

2. After that, click the menu button three dots in the upper right corner.

Whatsapp settings
3. After several options appear, please select Settings.

WA suit
4. Next, select Account settings.
wa account settings
5. Enter the Privacy option.

set WA privacy
6. Now, on this page, you can set the privacy options you want. To set status privacy, click on the Status column.

whatsapp status settings
7. Please select one of the options listed there. For example Only share with .. or my Contacts except ...

8. In the next stage, please select the contact you want to show your status, or who you want to hide from, according to which option was previously selected.

Whatsapp contacts
9. Click the check mark at the bottom right. So, the process is complete. The status that you created will only appear according to the settings that you have managed earlier.


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