Here you go – 8500 coins for you to spend in Club Penguin

Grownups have the very worst idea of how to earn and spend coins, right? At Club Penguin, you get to do fun things like playing games, joining contests, finishing goals and so on in order to get coins, and then spend them on even more fun things! Easier still, are codes which can be converted into coins and the following are available right now.

HQCP2014 – 1000 Coins
REDPIANO – 1000 Coins
BOUNCEIT – 1000 Coins
7POPCORN – 1000 Coins
REDFINAL – 500 Coins
PURPLE27 – 500 Coins
CHAMPION – 500 Coins
ANCHOR32 – 500 Coins
REDMATCH – 500 Coins
FREETOUR – 500 Coins
ALIENPOW – 500 Coins
KAIBLACK – 500 Coins
CACTUS18 – 500 Coins


Out of these 13 codes, REDPIANO, 7POPCORN, CELEBRA5 and BOUNCEIT are the most recently released ones. Apart from that, we have two more updates for you. Rookie meetup times have been announced for the ongoing School & Skate party.

It’s at 2:00pm on the server Northern Lights on September 25, 11:30am on the server Cloudy on September 26, at 12:00pm on the server Crystal as well as 2:30pm on the server Sled on September 27 and there are another two on September 28.

This Sunday’s meetups are at 9:15am on the server Cozy and at 11:15am on the server Chinook. Be there at 1:45pm on the server Northern Lights on September 29, at 10:45am on the server Wool Socks, and at 2:30pm on the server Fog the next day.


And then it’ll all be rounded off on October 1 at 9:30am on the server Rainbow. We’re talking Penguin Standard Time here so the adults won’t spoil the fun. Hint: Check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts if you can’t figure out the timings.

Lastly, there’s a Disney Infinity Promotion running at present. If you live in the US, you receive three virtual Disney Infinity characters to unlock in Disney Infinity (on PC or Apple iOS) upon signing up for a one-month Club Penguin membership.

Got over your winter wonderland phase? You don’t say! Well, here is a great collection of games like Club Penguin that you can look forward to trying out.